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June 11, 2011

Hello! I am very excited to begin my Masters Degree in Educational Technology through Boise State University.   The following are my goals and things I wish to achieve through this masters program:

  •     First I want to obtain my degree in educational technology, with an emphasis in online teaching, and use it to be more competitive in the work force.
  •     I hope to create a dynamic, modern website for my classes that students can utilize if absent or behind in my class.  If classroom technology allows, I hope to use that site as a paperless way for students to turn in homework and provide feedback to their classmates, as well as myself.
  •    I hope to learn about various online games and simulations that will enhance student learning and meet state standards
  •    I hope to gain knowledge and insight into online teaching, and achieve employment with an online teaching career in the future.
  •    I hope to work as an educational technologist to help make various technologies available in communities within Wyoming.

These are my initial goals without much experience with the program.  However,  I am sure I will be introduced to new ideas and extend my goals further with experience.

This program will affect my career in that it will open doors to new career opportunities I have never thought of before.   As of right now I believe it will eventually help me to teach online, as well as, in the classroom.  I feel online teaching will make it easier to be a mother and wife during the hectic early years.  Once my future family has grown, I hope to return to the classroom and utilize the interactive tools I am shown throughout this program.


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