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My First Educational Technology Memory

June 13, 2011

The computer is an electronic device that is capable of processing information more quickly and efficiently than ever thought possible.  It allows us to communicate faster, create better products, research, listen, watch and learn with ease.  Computers have gone from a device used only by wealthy research companies and innovators, to being in almost every home across the country and the world.  It took centuries for technology advances to develop a mainstream computer, and now similar technological advances are occurring almost daily.

I feel choosing a computer is the obvious choice for this assignment. However, for me, computers were truly my first memory of educational technology.  Now being 26 years old, I am grateful for having experience using computers since I was in third grade.  I remember computers becoming more mainstream in the 90’s and luckily my elementary school had the funds to purchase and use computers.

My first memory of a computer was to develop typing skills. Being competitive, I enjoyed racing my classmates and trying to get the quickest typing speed. Once we developed the necessary typing skills, we then used the computers to write and then type our own books.  I chose to write my book about my dog, Hammer.  Once we finished typing our books, we printed the pages and used those to make bound books that we gave to our parents.  This is a fond memory for many reasons; I really enjoyed using the computers and getting the opportunity to create something of my own, that I would give to my parents.  This experience really developed my interest in computers and ultimately has led to many of my educational decisions.

Links to information about the history and use of computers:

Timeline of the History of Computers

History of Computers in Education

Computer Applications in Education: A historical review

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