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RSS Feeds for Education

July 13, 2011

This week I have learned that RSS stands for really simple syndication.  I have always seen the small RSS icons but never really knew what they were for or how useful they could be.  Our assignment this week was to begin accessing and subscribing to RSS feeds that we are interested in.  I have subscribed to the following located within my google reader account.

My Google Shared Items

Assignment Reflection

How can RSS feeds be used in the classroom?

The first thought that came to my mind is for students to use RSS feeds for current events.  I am not a history teacher but I enjoy having students research current events in science.  I found multiple science sites with RSS feeds.  Magazines such as Popular Science have RSS feeds that are constantly posting new information.  In the first two minutes of reading the Popular Science feed I found multiple interesting articles.  RSS feeds can also be useful in making announcements and changes to your students via the web.

What other benefits might you gain from knowing how to use RSS feeds?

I feel a major benefit is the efficiency it allows.  You do not have to spend hours looking for new information that may pertain to you and your class.  Instead the information is brought straight to you–if you don’t want to read about the specific article it is quick and easy to move onto the next new post.

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