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Professional Learning Network Plans

July 31, 2011

Here is a concept map showing my professional learning network so far.  I feel my current map is a little incomplete.  I use social networking resources but not enough for educational purposes.  My use so far has been for social interaction.  I feel my current plan has many valuable tools that I enjoy using.  My future network will continue to evolve and add tools that I can use in my classroom and for my education.  I have had trouble juggling the various sites available and really using them to my benefit.  It has been difficult to devote enough time to developing a PLN while teaching full-time.  In the next year I hope to develop a strong, easily managed PLN.  I have learned that I have a decent basis and understanding of the networks and tools available, but I need to devote more time into using them.  I researched quite a few networks and tools that I plan to use in the future.  I feel these networks will round out my PLN very well and allow me to become more organized and efficient.  I am really interested in the atomkeep site–it allows users to sync all of their various accounts together to manage them easier.  This I feel will make my PLN much more useful.  Having a professional learning network is important to me because it will keep me and my teaching current and up to date.   A PLN will bring resources and new information straight to you rather than falling behind and searching through various  non-user friendly sites.


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  1. Nice post Jennifer, I especially like that you added a group of things to explore in the future. Mike

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