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New Semester!

August 24, 2011

This semester I am taking two online classes for my Masters degree in Educational Technology.  The first is 503 Instructional Design. I am excited to start this course because I feel as a teacher it is crucial to really understand this concept, and frankly I don’t feel I learned enough from my Bachelors Degree on this topic.  The second class is Online Teaching in the K12 environment, which I am also excited for.  The last two years of teaching I have had a goal to become an online teacher and I know that I will get a great deal from this course.

503 First Tasks:

  • Read Syllabus, Schedule, and Assignment Point Allocation
  • Administrative Tasks: Do Introductory Survey, Water Cooler Introduction, Test Email–read syllabus
  • Instructional Design Job Descriptions: Look at various instructional design job postings, then create your own.

521 First Tasks:

  • Read Syllabus, Schedule, Course Expectations,
  • Review Texts
  • Test Email to Professor
  • Update Moodle Profile
  • Introduce ourselves on discussion forum–attach picture to describe personality

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