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503- Instructional Design: ID Job Description

August 30, 2011

Jennifer Anderson/Carpenter
EDTECH 503 ID Job Posting

Instructional Designer Position Available

Laramie, Wyoming

PART I Synthesis

Job Description
The candidate for this instructional design position will have a Bachelors degree in Instructional Design, Education, or other related field of study.  They will be responsible for designing and developing effective courses that will include various forms of technology used in the mainstream society today and in the future.  They will continually design and revise the curriculum. They will stay current on new topics and technologies available.  They will choose technologies to be brought into the community that are both online and mobile.  They will be responsible for providing professional development to faculty and students, in order to help them use chosen technologies.  They will assess and evaluate effectiveness of courses and technologies. They will monitor others effectively and help perform maintenance of various systems in use.

The candidate will:

  • Work collaboratively with coworkers, IT specialists and faculty to develop educational content.
  • Identify and implement various useful technologies to meet needs.
  • Assess effectiveness of materials.
  • Provide faculty and student development opportunities, and be available for support both online and in person.
  • Develop standards, tools, training courses, and documentation.
  • Design supplemental materials for available courses.
  • Effectively monitor course sites and perform daily maintenance of various systems in use.

Required skills/knowledge/background:

  • BA in instructional design/technology, educational technology, education, or other related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in similar occupation.
  • Have understanding and experience with the following:  Microsoft office, HTML, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Javascript, Flash, Moodle, and other similar applications and programs.
  • Must be able to communicate well verbally and in writing.
  • Experience in instructional design and a variety of web based technologies.
  • Meet time lines effectively
  • Serve on committees to to improve and encourage technology use

Desired skills/knowledge/background:

  • Be able to present to groups on various topics.
  • Have good interpersonal skills and be able to direct and monitor others.
  • Be outgoing, proactive, and organized.
  • Basic knowledge and skills in web development systems
  • Knowledge of copyright standards


1. Teachers must develop effective lessons for their classroom on a daily basis, and constantly assess the effectiveness of those lessons.  They must grade student work and perform both summative and formative assessments. Teachers must meet with parents and students on a regular basis and address personal, social, and other issues.
With instructional design, the teacher responsibilities are usually analyzing student needs,  implementing the chosen materials, and evaluating how well it works.

2. Instructional designers have a variety of jobs also, but they have less demands from students directly.  They do not have to deal with classroom management or personal issues within classrooms.  IDs choose and design appropriate technology programs and align them with subject content and curricular standards. They assess effectiveness of what they have chosen and created but many times do not personally observe the implementation.  Instructional designers are often responsible for training adults on how to use their systems.
Instructional designers are more in charge of designing objectives and instructional materials, developing training materials, and evaluating their effectiveness after they have been implemented by teachers.

3. Three major differences between a teacher and an instructional designer:

  • Instructional Designers work with the technology, content area, and standards/goals set, but do not always work with those who will be using it–the students, or teaching it–the teacher.
  • Teachers are the ones who IMPLEMENT the materials often chosen or designed by an instructional designer.
  • Instructional designers create the systems, programs, websites, etc that will be used by teachers to align with the curriculum and meet set standards.
  • Overall: Instructional Designers develop the resources, which could be a variety of media, and the teachers present the material to the students in hopes that it will make their job easier and the students more capable of learning and engaging.

PART 3 – Job Posting URLs
Black Hills State University- Job posting found at
Florida Virtual School- Job posting found at:
Montana State University- Job posting found at: Job posting found at:


Google Document also found at


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