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554 Superintendents Memo Assignment

April 11, 2013

“Congratulations on your new job as Technology Director of Pleasant View School District! You just left the superintendent’s office. She spent the last hour sharing with you the data from the Technology Integration self-assessment survey sent out to all teachers in the district last spring. Recently, some of the board members shared their concern over being adequately preparing students with 21stcentury learning skills when they graduated from High School. As a result, the previous director sent out a survey that calculated whichtechnology tier level was used in the classroom. As you reflected on the data some questions arose. The superintendent is concerned. She wants you to analyze the data and come up with a plan for professional development offerings for this coming school year. She would like the memo in her inbox by the end of Session 11 so the concerns of the board can be addressed at the next school board meeting.

Also, Pleasant View School district received low state scores primarily due to subpar math scores. Please address this in your plan.

For this assignment I would suggest you go back and take a look at pages 17 – 20, Becoming a Reflective Leader – Application in Chapter 2. in The Technology Director’s Guide to Leadership. You may work on this assignment alone or in groups of 2-3 of your own choosing. A rubric for this assignment can be found:
Rubric for this assignment



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